About Us

To achieve daily 50000 car cleaning services while enhancing the economic and social status of 2000 underprivileged migrants families across NCR regions by end of year 2023 by providing employment opportunities.

CleanSpoc is a single point of contact for your all car cleaning needs. CleanSpoc provide quality car cleaning services at your doorstep.

CleanSpoc is a social project aimed at empowerment of underprivileged migrants in NCR Region by enhancing their economic and social status in the society.

Lex Foundation as a Partner with CleanSpoc enables underprivileged migrants to become employable as professional car cleaner or self employed professional cleaner by providing skill based training and certifying them.

CleanSPOC places the migrants trained and certified by Lex Foundation across NCR Region.

CleanSpoc was envisioned during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 which inadvertently affected the migrants the worst.  

Our Values

Everything we do is driven and based on our values.


To Equip under-privileged migrants with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professional and entrepreneurs and earn a livelihood with dignity in jobs and marketplace as self employed.


A Society where all in particular people from underprivileged background earn a livelihood with dignity & generate wealth and value for all.

Target :

To Enhance economic and social status of 2000 families across NCR Region by end of year 2023 through providing employment opportunities. 


Daily car cleaning increase the life of the upholstery, carpets, seat covers and other interiors of the car.


Our software stored everyday realtime picture once your Dhanno being cleaned.


Flexible time slots & day are allotted to each vehicle. More than one cleaner assign to each car.


Our support team attends customer at any time of the day, and even on weekends and holidays.

*10% discount on every second car. *10% discount on six months subscription and advance payment. *20% discount on yearly subscription and advance payment.